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All your questions about studying in Canada: Answered!

Planning to study in Canada? Here's your chance!​

Chat with an advisor directly about studying in Canada to learn about admission requirements, university options, living costs, tuition discounts, and more!


Scheduling one-on-one session with Intake:

1. Intake Staff will provide available timeslots via email and you can choose your most available slot.

2. During the consultation, provide a CV so we can assess and match you with the best universities.


1. What if my available slot is taken?

- Please let us know and we will put you in a waiting list. A staff will call you on the day to confirm the timeslot.

2. What if I'm not available on that day but I still want to have a consultation?

- Let us know your preferred schedule and time and we will coordinate with the advisor to see if we can accomodate this slot

3. When can I expect the confirmation email?

- Please expect the confirmation email within 24-48 hours after registration on a weekday.

Register and save your slot now!


AUG. 26
FRIDAY 14:00 - 16:00
This event will be held via an online meeting platform. Please check the registration confirmation email for further detail.
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